【Self-introduction】To Travel Overseas is My passion. Eat, Drink, Smile, and Keep Challenging myself while pushing forward.

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Hello, I am a Japanese woman named kanahana who likes to travel and to eat.

I have traveled to over 25 countries, studied abroad and have been on many business trips. I have had many new experiences, met different kinds of people and have a wider perspective on life.

My experience studying abroad in the states, made me realize how much I enjoy seeing new places through my own eyes, and discovering new points of view and perspectives. Although it has been hard finding the time to travel whilst working 5 days a week, I still had many chances to go overseas; usually once or twice a month for work.

I used to read lots of blogs before going on a trip to see what I could expect in the country. Sometimes, I even felt that these blogs took me on a virtual tour. I hope that this blog will make you feel the same way, and motivate you to try something new.


I hope to share my travel experiences and tips

This Travel Blog is my textbook

Traveling overseas can mean that you may encounter many unexpected troubles.

For my travel preparation, I always read lots of blogs because they can give me reliable and accurate information about the place I am traveling to.

Blogs also let you simulate a travel experience, and this makes you excited for the trip even more.

Travel note when I went to Korea
Travel note when I walked Camicno by myself in Spain

I used to make travel note when I was in university. (I had more time but less money.. )

I used to make a plan before trip and attach pictures after came back.

This note is my treasure and reminds me of how happy I was back then.

Have given up starting my blog before

I was going to start my own blog and share my experiences as an international student in the U.S. before going to the States.

But the new life over there was completely different from what I expected and felt ashamed of sharing my real-life.

My expectation was to make many American friends and go party on weekends….but actually it was really challenging for me to make new friends in English. I even googled “how to make friends” because I thought I forgot how to.

(Now I feel that I should have written my complicated, honest and dark feelings in a blog, but my pride got in the way and I just couldn’t. I was young.. )

Beautiful beach in Monterey

It took me some time but I made friends somehow and experienced wonderful things in my life.

Studying abroad was my life changing experience and made me who I am today.

Magnes that I collected through traveling the U.S.

My overseas experience gave me chances to travel as work

I went to about 10 countries after job-hunting with strong energy and English skills that I got from my study abroad experience.

I assume that my boss thought that I have strong guts to complete goals

My boss game me the opportunity to go on an overseas business trip by myself immediately after joining the company, perhaps because of my ability to take action!

Since then, the number of overseas business trips has increased as my career progressed.


When I was doing a job- hunting, I wasn’t sure what I wanted.

The reason I entered this company is because it seemed like this job is related to working overseas and make me go travel someday.

I feel super lucky to do what like to do at my job.

Now, it’s my turn to share

I have been to more than 25 countries so far, and have visited the same country several times, so I have traveled overseas about 30 times.

There are many people who have been to over 30 countries so I think I still have a long way to go. On the other hand, I am confident that traveling is my biggest passion for a long time. (I gave priority to the cost of travel over the cost of the beauty salon and fashion when I was in university)

But still, it wasn’t enough and I borrowed money from my parents and went on a trip.

For that reason, I was paying off my debts for about two months after working. I worked 5 days a week and got 0 yen for the first 2 months.

I still remember well that when I started working, my deposit balance was 5,000 yen. It was quite a thrilling experience.

I used to read blogs as my travel preparation, but started to think like “I want to be the one who share experiences and hack.”

It doesn’t to have to be perfect, just give it a try. This is my motto from my past experiences.

I understand that I should try my best and challenge to be perfect. However, if that stops me trying, I’d rather go with imperfection.

As I experienced, I hope that my blog will take you to simulate travel experience and motivate you challenging something new.

I also would like to share the happiness of eating delicious food.

From the bottom of my heart, I can say that I LOVE to eat. Eating is my life.

I also love to drink alcohol with amazing food such as beer, cocktail, wine, Japanese sake, Awamori. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with people with enjoying delicious food and alcohol.

One of my favorite things to do is to take my precious people to a really good restaurant that I found.

If the person started to like the place, that makes me feel even happier.

I am going to share restaurants

On this blog, I would like to share the restaurants I have visited and where I had a “comfortable and great time”!

One of the good part of the travelling is that you will get to eat food that you won’t even t

One of the things I enjoy about visiting various countries is the local food and alcohol.

Food that is hard to guess the taste until you actually try.

酸味の後に辛味を感じたブンチャ@ベトナム ハノイ

Food that you can eat authentic taste.

ほろほろお肉の周りが燻製でいぶしてあるテキサスBBQ@アメリカ テキサス

I don’t understand the local language, so sometimes I just point at random menu and order them.

ビサヤ語が分からず指差しで頼んでみたけど全部美味しかった。出てくるまでハラハラ@フィリピン セブ

Food that I was preparing to eat.

マイナス気温の時に市場で食べるトッポギ@韓国 ソウル

I am going to share places that I actually went and was delicious.